Ophthalmology dispensary design and installation.

Current Projects

Evan Wolf, MD

Wasilla, Alaska
ADG&A is assisting Dr Wolf design a dispensary inside a new state-of-the-art facility he is building. We are also recruiting an optometrist.

Tracy Crnic, MD

Amarillo, Texas
Dr Crnic is a pediatric ophthalmologist who has practiced in Amarillo for 4 years. ADG&A has been asked to grow the practice overall and to help build a brand and image for it.

Physician's Hearing Service, Inc.

Naples, Florida
ADG&A has been engaged to assist PHSI recruit hearing instrument specialists and audiologists for hearing instrument dispensaries inside of ophthalmology practices

Chad Anderson, MD

Cedar City, Utah
ADG&A is assisting with hiring a managing optician, as well as installing a new dispensary within the ophthalmology practice. This includes the creation of all operating systems, inventory, price lists and vendor relationships the practice will have.

Micheal Jacobs, MD

Athens, GA
ADG&A is assisting in negotiations to purchase an existing optical dispensary business. It will also assist in the building of a new dispensary, creation of a brand and image, as well as creating the marketing program for the new business.

Becky Fertig, Optician

Alexandria, VA
ADG&A is recruiting an optometrist for this independent optician. In addition we are creating a new brand and image for this practice, as well as a marketing program to increase market share and profits.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Department of Ophthalmology New York, New York
On behalf of the Department of Ophthalmology, ADG&A has been asked to negotiate with turnkey dispensary operators and opine on an appropriate relationship.

The Trinity Clinic

ADG&A is assisting with the development of a strategic plan for the building of a tri-ophthalmic ophthalmology department.

Jeff Lander, MD

York, Pennsylvania
ADG&A is assisting with the development of a strategic plan for the growth of this practice, including the purchase of an existing practice, recruitment of an optometrist, staff training and turnaround of the optical dispensary.

Roxanna Hakimzadeh, MD

Rochester Hills, Michigan
ADG&A is assisting with the design and construction of a new optical dispensary.