Ophthalmology dispensary design and installation.

Photo Gallery

Photography has been one of my lifelong hobbies. It has helped me to develop an eye for things that are beautiful, full of wonder and in some way different or unique. Through photography I've learned that if you surround yourself with beautiful and wonderful things, your life will be filled with beauty and wonder.

If you would like to view my photostream, click here. You will be directed to my site on Flickr, Yahoo's photo sharing site.

I hope you will enjoy the images as much as I did creating them. BTW, just so you'll know, my Flickr screen name is G-Daddy Art.


Music has been my other lifelong interest. I have always had a love for music and appreciate all types. Jazz however has a special place in my heart. I’m a drummer.

I started playing in junior high school. As an early teenager I formed a band with my best friend (we met in the first grade and have been close ever since).

I worked as a part-time musician for many years, playing a variety of musical styles and venues. Today my original band is back together. Although we no longer play gigs, we meet for about a week once a year to record. It is a great way to keep our skills up. We’ve produced a number of CDs, which we distribute to family and friends. A few tunes are posted below.