Ophthalmology dispensary design and installation.

Humanitarian Work

Robert Sinskey Eye Institute

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Art has been asked by the ASCRS Foundation to help design and build an optical dispensary for the Robert Sinskey Eye Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To date Art, with the help of Raymond Dennis, Program Chairman of the Optical Dispensing program at the Middlesex Community College in

Middletown, CT, has drafted floor plans for the dispensary and optical laboratory. Art and Ray have obtained commitments from optical industry vendors and friends for dispensing and laboratory furniture, fixtures, equipment, frames and lenses to furnish and stock the dispensary.

RSEI is also considering performing vision screenings and offering routine vision examinations to appropriate patients. Plans to purchase the necessary equipment and conduct training are in process.

In January of 2012 Art visited the RSEI as part of the feasibility study. He took his camera along. Some of his photos are posted below. Art’s next trip to RSEI is slated for early 2014.